Oral and dental surgery at Zagazig University announces the results of the second group success rate 95.8%


  The Faculty of Medicine and Oral and Dental Surgery at Zagazig University announced the result of the second class this afternoon, January 28, 2019 for the first semester with a success rate of 95.8%, where 118 students perform the exams in 6 electronic correction courses with two modules for one exam  
  And Dr. Waleed Zeidan, Dean of the College said that the results of the first and second bands were Uploaded on the university's website and became available to all students, in advance thanks to Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bary, the university president for his continuous support to the college, and a measure of dedication  of faculty and staff members, Headed by Dr. Waleed Ahmed Abdullah Vice Dean for Education and Students Affairs and Dr. Abeer Abdel Aziz El Gendy Head of Control 2nd Band. and Special thanks were given to the ICTT center team For their outstanding efforts in Uploading the results  Under the management of Dr. Khalid Ali Al-Durandli, Dean of the Faculty of Computers and Information and Director of the Center of Technology on the site

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