Zagazig University continues the campaign of" vision right for every citizen "with conducted 13 operations today

  Zagazig University has continued the work of "Vision for Every Citizen" campaign, which is being carried out under the auspices of Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bari, President of the University, under the chairmanship of Dr. Abdul Moneim Abu-Sharakh, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine  at Zagazig University, where 13 operations were conducted today.
 Dr. Mohamed Bahgat Awad, Vice-President of Zagazig University and former project manager said that it was scheduled to conduct 16 operations, but was postponed two cases due to the high measurement of diabetes and the absence of the third case and the operations were conducted by Dr. Ahmed Momen and Dr. Ahmed Bahgat and Dr. Sameh Foda, and the campaign will continue its work next Thursday.
 It should be noted that the campaign is implemented in cooperation with the Directorate of Health Affairs in Sharkia and a number of medical centers for ophthalmology in the framework of the global initiative launched by the World Health Organization to eliminate blindness through a joint program in cooperation with the International Agency for the control of blindness to eliminate the causes of blindness By 2020.




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