Next February, robot Zagazig University defies In the University Youth Week in Kafr El Sheikh


Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bary, President of Zagazig University, said that the university will participate strongly in the competitions and activities of the 12th University Youth Week, which is organized by Kafr El-Sheikh University in early February. He pointed out that the university will participate in the scientific activity with the best scientific innovation for students through a device that works to achieve communication between deaf and dumb and friendly, and a desalination of seawater, in addition to the participation of spider robot equipped with the camera, which is used in dangerous places that are difficult to access during crises and disasters.
And Dr. Abd El-Bary added that the university will participate in sports activities through the team of five football, basketball students, handball students, wrestling students, squash students, and tennis table students, stressing that the university will compete with 23 Egyptian universities in cultural activities through the magazine poetry, A short story, a television reporter and an economic research entitled "A Strategic Vision for the Future of Development in Egypt" and another on "Scientific Miracles in the Qur'an".
As well as artistic activities, choral, plastic arts, chess,The President of the University said that the General Directorate of Youth Welfare is currently working as a bee cell to prepare and implement workshops and training during the first week of half-year leave to sharpen talents and raise readiness and prepare for the championships during the university youth week to compete vigorously and achieve centers in various games and activities.

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