Open the progress of projects for the transfer and application of biotechnology technology

The Executive Directorate of the National Strategy for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering of the Academy of Scientific and Technological Research announces the 2018/2019 initiative which includes:
1. Supporting technology transfer proposals both from inside and outside from international research centers in order to obtain biotechnological products and preparations in various fields.
2. Opening the door to researchers in research centers and universities and Egyptian universities to submit their proposals to transfer the outputs of research ready for implementation to the productive level in cooperation with productive institutions and companies in the public and private sectors.
3. Supporting research aimed at applying the leading sciences and emerging technologies in the field of biotechnology.
• To the Egyptian universities, institutes and research centers, in cooperation with the Egyptian production institutions and companies wishing to apply, to obtain the relevant conditions and models from the headquarters of the Center for Scientific and Technological Cooperation, at the following address:
101 Kasr El Ainy St., Cairo - Twelfth Floor
Or through the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology website
• To submit, six copies of the proposals must be submitted from Monday 10/12/2018 to 3:00 pm on Thursday 24/1/2019 for the program management headquarters or through the following e-mail
• For inquiries: Center for scientific and technological cooperation
T: 27921315-27921324 Fax: 27921325

For technical support, visit the Office of Innovation and Technology Transfer at Zagazig University
Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Zaki Sitohy

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