The Adult Education Unit at Zagazig University continues its educational seminars to activate student participation in adult education

Coverage: Nani Bilqasi prepared the article for publication: Dr. Aida Mohamed Said

  The adult education unit at Zagazig University continued its educational seminars to activate student participation in the literacy and adult education project, Where a seminar was organized at the Faculty of Physical Education Girls under the auspices of Dr.Khalid Abd El-Bary, President of the University and Dr. Eman Saad Zaghloul ,Dean of the College under the protocol of cooperation signed between the university and the Adult Education Authority in Sharkia, and participated by Dr. Mohammed Al-Faki, Director of the Adult Education Unit at the University,  Dr.Jehan Yusri, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education Girls for Community Service and Environmental Development,  Dr. Mona Lotfi, training officer at the College. Mr.Louay Abdullah, Director of Dasin and Examinations Affairs, Literacy and Adult Education Branch, Al-Sharkia Branch.

  During the symposium, Dr. Mohammed Al-Faki stressed the role of youth, especially university students, in participating in the comprehensive development and national issues And the highest priority is the issue of illiteracy because of the risks it poses to society. He announced that there are new mechanisms that will be disbursed the rewards of the literacy project in the coming period in each faculty separately after the liquidation of names and identify students eligible for the reward, the contractors with the system of opening the chapter "free contract."

  For his part, There are some obstacles that face the faculty and students, including the reluctance of the student about the classes of literacy. However, there are distinct and successful models for some students explaining to the students how to raise the motives and justifications to convince the illiterate to teach and share his belief in the importance of obtaining the certificate of literacy to facilitate many things His life as obtaining a driver's license and appointment in companies in the government and private sector, as well as enable him to continue the stages of education.

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