Zagazig Nursing Conference emphasizes the importance of psychological support, exercise Sports and proper nutrition for women at all ages

Coverage: Nani Bilqasi prepared the article for publication: Dr. Aida Said

The participants in the activities of the second scientific conference of the department of nursing of gynecology and obstetrics at the Faculty of Nursing, Zagazig University, stressed through the discussions in the scientific sessions on the importance of psychological support and exercise and proper nutrition for women at all ages. The participants also recommended that the conference be held annually on the same date to discuss everything new and to publish scientific research and work to improve the level of medical care and services provided for the care of women and care in pregnancy and childbirth.

The conference was held on Monday, December 3, under the title "Modernization in the field of Nurse and Birth Nursing: Current and Future Challenges"Sponsored by Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bary President of the University, with the participation of a large number of professors of the Faculty of Nursing and the Faculty of Medicine.

During the opening session, Dr. Nadia Taha, Dean of the College, said that the conference aims to learn about the latest technologies in the field of gynecology and childbirth to achieve the highest degree of success in nursing care provided and how to link the old and modern in the field of scientific research and provide nursing guidance based on the latest methods.

Dr. Amani Hamed Gad, President of the Conference, thanked the participants who were making the effort to enrich the conference with their scientific research covering the conference's axes. She also praised the role of the Department of Nursing in the establishment of the college and the international publishing and the responsibility of the college magazine.

As reviewed by  Dr. Sabah Lotfy, the general coordinator of the conference, said that scientific research and research papers will focus on the use of evidence-based research in the field of gynecology nursing, applying the latest techniques in the field of gynecology nursing, and preparing the latest nursing guidance in the field of nursing and gynecology. Modern in the field of nursing and birth.

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