A talent discovery contest at Zagazig University

   The southern sector of student activities at the Faculty of Technology and Development organized Sunday a competition for the discovery of talents among the students of the faculties of the sector, which includes dentistry and law and colleges of physical education boys and girls and faculty of technology and development.Under the patronage of Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bary, President of the University by 10 students from each college in each field of the competition.

   Dr.Abd El Hakeem Nour El dine, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs said that this competition is to discover the talents and talents of the students in memorizing the Koran and reciting it, singing religious, and poetry "classical and modern" and singing in preparation for its care and development and escalation at the university level to participate in various competitions. Adding that the competition will be organized with the rest of the other sectors of the university and the presentation of financial prizes, medals and certificates of appreciation for the first and second winner in each field.

    The participants are assessed through a committee composed of a panel of judges.Dr. Hassan Al-Kilawi, Dean of the College and Dr. Hamza Al-Sharqawi, Coordinator of Activities and Dr. Essam Abu Al-Salihin, Professor in Agricultural Division. And supervision of a. Mohammed Samir, Director General of Student Welfare and Dr. Emad Shoman, supervisor of the sector. Bahjat Abaza, Director General of the College .

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