The Strategic Planning Unit at Zagazig University holds a meeting to discuss its plan for the academic year 2018/2019

  The Strategic Planning Unit held a meeting today to discuss the terms of the work plan for the academic year 2018/2019 and follow up the strategic plans of the advanced colleges to renew the accreditation and activate the plans of colleges that will proceed to adopt programs in it. under the chairmanship of Dr. Madiha Wasef Director of the unit and the presence of directors of centers and units of development and quality and key managers of sub-units colleges.

   And Dr. Madiha Wasef, Director of the Strategic Planning Unit said that the topics of the meeting will include discussing how to form strategic planning units in the colleges that start with the establishment to define and clarify the tasks and responsibilities, as well as the development of new mechanisms to activate mutual and mutual cooperation between the unit and the centers and major and secondary development units in faculties .

   And Dr. Madiha added that there is full coordination between the centers and units of development and it has been put forward new ideas to achieve the overall objectives of the strategic plan of the University to upgrade it and the provision of educational services, research and community.

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