Zagazig Engineering students succeed in transforming the idea of their graduation project into an emerging company on the Egyptian Engineering Day

  The team of one of the graduation projects, Department of Computing and Systems, Faculty of Engineering, Zagazig University, was able to transform the idea of their graduation project into an emerging company in the Egyptian Engineering Day. The team won the second place in the software graduation projects competition.

  And Dr. Alaa Atta, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, said that the Egyptian Engineering Day is the largest exhibition of the graduation projects in Egypt, during which a competition for projects in all fields and the project is a program to control the means of transport and transportation and shipping methods and goods so that facilitates the process of payment and booking of seats and also delivery of packages as soon as possible.

  And Dr. Ahmed Amer Shaheen, a professor at the Department of Computing and Systems, Faculty of Engineering Zagazig University and supervisor of the team explained that the team participated in the challenge of Egypt for Internet things, a program that includes graduation projects in the field of Internet things sponsored by the Ministry of Communications and the Academy of Scientific Research and qualifying for the team within 24 teams from more than 100 teams He won the sixth position and qualified to embrace the idea of the project as an emerging company within the technological companies. The team is composed of team leader Mohammed Fathallah and seven students.

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