Completion of the meeting to review the progress of research projects of the Science and Technological Development Fund

Addition of the meeting of the consideration of fat-tail of approaching to the research projects for the box of sciences and technological development 
addition for the activity of the project management loneliness of the development at the university and under auspices of my merit. holiday / Merfat Askar pro-rectors of Zagazig for the matters of post graduate courses and the research. holiday / shereen eassa Mohammed is a executive director of the loneliness of the project management of the development and Vaud head. holiday / piety of the alien - teacher in a pharmaceutical department, holiday / Ahmad 3Skwrة - deputy executive director of the loneliness of the project management of the development - the meeting was a agreement in the headquarters of loneliness in 13/9/2018 agreed Thursdays of the consideration what his achievement was implemented from the research draft proposals her gives is the box of STDF, as well as a consideration some invalid my device that leads to the delay of a project approval and my device of the first place of her giving from some members of the committee - and he was present at the meeting. holiday / Aَnِysُ inclined - the teacher is in a medical veterinary department. holiday / Hany اlbاsws - boss of the loneliness of the project management of a pharmaceutical department. holiday / on Osman - agricultural department, holiday / Abdullah Mrwاd - veterinary science, holiday / Islam Ahmad 3َbْd اlhَmِydِ - pharmaceutics, the holiday / Sَmَrُ are destiny - pharmaceutics, holiday / Nِsْrِynُ Muhammad Ibrahim is a pharmaceutics, holiday / Farid Muhammad Sami is agriculture. 
and date 18/9/2018 technologically appointed meeting on Tuesday time 9.30 morning for the final overview my device for the research proposals her giving box of STDF will be implemented and that for the enrichment of scientific work at the university and the contribution to the creation of research advanced units and my device agrees with scientific world work Wاldhى he strives to serve a modern Egyptian society. 
executive director 
loneliness has the project management of the development 

 shereen eassa Mohammed)

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