Open the door for admission to open education programs at Zagazig University

 Dr. Amal Farouk, Director of the Open Education Center at Zagazig University, said that the opening of admission to e-learning programs in some faculties of the university after the adoption of the Supreme Council of Universities and there is a set of programs will be announced soon.

 And Dr. Amal Farouk explained that within the framework of the plan to develop open education programs and within the framework of the development strategy adopted by Zagazig University under the chairmanship of Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bary the Center offers two types of programs. First, the e-learning programs are integrated into the Faculty of Commerce in partnership with Ain Shams University and include five programs: Management Program, Accounting Systems Program, Computer and Information Technology Programs, Hospital Management Program and Hotel Management Program and tourist villages. and the Center also provides the College of Agriculture program, in partnership with Ain Shams University, including the Agricultural Projects Technology and Management Program and the Agricultural Mechanization Program for Rural Development.

 The program of the Faculty of Arts in Zagazig University is a program for the Arabic language. Applicants for bachelor's programs are required to pass five years on the intermediate qualification and three years for the above average qualification.

 She added that the center also offers new and distinguished programs for the higher qualifications of all graduates of the faculties of science, agriculture, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, biological education, engineering and its equivalent) to obtain a professional diploma and the duration of study is only one academic year in the program of the Faculty of Science and includes programs (laboratory analysis, biotechnology, microscopy, Professional vegetation, space and maps, petroleum and natural gas geology, drilling and well design, mineral wealth, petroleum chemistry).

 The College of Engineering program offers the graduates of the faculties of engineering the opportunity to obtain a diploma in safety and the duration of the study 11 months, and does not require the submission of a diploma for any postgraduate degree.

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