Zagazig University begins the new year with two new colleges of archeology and early childhood education and a technical institute of nursing

  Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bary, President of Zagazig University announced that the Supreme Council of Universities agreed to start study in this year in two new colleges: the Faculty of Archeology at San El Hagar, the Faculty of Early Childhood Education and the Technical Institute of Nursing in Fakouse and their entry into Tansik service in this year 2018/2019, which began its work since Monday, July 16, where the university received high school students in scientific and literary sections in the Tansik work for the first phase, which lasts until Friday 20 July.

  And Dr.Abd El Hakeem Nour El dine, vice president for education and students affairs, added that the registration of the wishes for high school students in the scientific and literary sections of the first stage was started at the laboratory of the university tansik office with ratio of 96.1% for "scientific sciences" and more, 93.9% for sport, and the minimum level of progress for the Literary Division is 328 degrees and above,  80.00% or more,

And Dr. Sherif El Gohary, Director General of the General Department of Education, said that the university has equipped two labs for tansik work at the computer labs in the capacity development building for faculty members in front of the general administration building of the university to receive students to register their wishes and work continues from 8 am to 3 pm daily during the days of the stage.In order to facilitate to the students, a number of employees of the General Administration for Education and Student Affairs were provided to guide students in the order of the wishes and respond to the inquiries of students and their parents through the reception desk. The average enrollment was 110 students on the first day and registration takes place at the same pace, given the possibility of registering the wishes electronically from anywhere.

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                            Dr. Aida Said                                                  Dr. Mohamed Awad




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