Re-assignment of Dr. Mohamed Awad Al-Barbary as Director of the Measurement and Evaluation Center at Zagazig University

  Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bary, President of Zagazig University issued decree No. 1089 dated 7/6/2018 renewal of the mandate of Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Awad Al Barbary to work as Director of the Center for Measurement and Evaluation University for a year in addition to his work.

  It should be noted that the center of measurement and evaluation during the past period launched and implemented the initiative "General" for automatic correction at Zagazig University under the guidance of Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bary, President of the University, included workshops, seminars and training courses for faculty members, students and administrators, implementation of the thousand free training grants for students, as well as the restructuring of the Center to include units to carry out the tasks assigned to it, namely the statistical consulting and processing unit, Scientific, Follow-up and Technical Support Unit, and a special unit for the Center's student team and A workshop was held on practical tests in medical colleges and other faculties of physical education and within the community activities of the Center held an educational seminar entitled "Japanese schools and Tokasu activities." The Center seeks to establish a partnership and agreements with many corresponding centers in universities and some civil society institutions. As well as the construction of a qualitative and quantitative assessment form for the material resources of each unit of measurement and sub-evaluation in the various faculties of the university

  The Center also announced a marketing plan for the Center's activities and programs based on the strategic plan of the Center which was adopted for the period from 2017 to 2022 and other operational in light of the vision and mission and objectives of the strategic center,

  The Media Center congratulates and best wishes for success.

                     Media Center Supervisor                                          Media adviser

                         Dr. Aida Said                                                  Dr. Mohamed Awad

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