Zagazig Science Organizes the 13th International Conference on Environmental Sciences in mid July

 The Faculty of Science at Zagazig University will organize the 13th International Conference on Environmental Sciences under the title of basic sciences and its applications for environmental protection on Monday 16th July, 2018, with the participation and attendance of researchers and specialists from different Egyptian and Arab universities under the auspices of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.And Minister of State for Environmental Affairs and the Governor of Sharkia and Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bary, President of the University and Dr. Abdullah Askar, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, Honorary President of the Conference.

 And Dr. Mohammed Al-Iraqi, Dean of the College, said that the College is keen to organize the conference annually in the belief of its role in serving the local and international community and in line with the global interest in the environment and its preservation through a presentation of research and practical experiences in the fields of environment and how to reduce pollution in safe ways. The conference is also an opportunity to enhance cooperation between specialists and interested parties participating from different Egyptian and Arab universities.

  Dr. Jamal Anan,  Vice Dean for Environmental Affairs, and the conference's decision added that the conference will discuss several topics: scientific techniques for waste recycling, wastewater treatment and industrial drainage, desertification resistance, modern scientific methods to benefit from agricultural waste, environmental pollution and its impact on fisheries, Renewable energy, resistance to global warming, scientific methods of sustainable development, pest control, human, plant and animal protection, disposal of environmental pollutants using microorganisms

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