Zagazig University is establishing the first biomedical and genomic information center in Egypt and in the Middle East and North Africa

   Dr. Khalid  Abd El-Bari, President of Zagazig University, announced the approval of the Supreme Council of Universities to establish the Egyptian Center for Biomaterial and Genomic Informatics at the Faculty of Agriculture as a distinguished center (service and science) and to approve its financial and administrative and he pointed out that the center will be a scientific nucleus for the dissemination of science and applications of bioinformatics and genomics in different Egyptian universities and opens horizons for international cooperation and exchange of information and experiences with the corresponding centers in the world,where  it can be the first of its kind in Egypt and in the Middle East and North Africa.

And Dr. Mervat Askar, vice president for graduate studies and research, added that the center will play a major role in activating cooperation between researchers in Egyptian universities at the research and technical level and linking them to universities and international centers through joint projects and joint supervision of scientific Thesis and this has already been done in several Thesis which raises the academic status of Zagazig University, in addition to its service role to the community in the discovery and development of effective treatments and economic diseases endemic especially liver disease epidemic as well as cancer.



On the preparation and processing of the center, Dr.Osama Abdel Moneim, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture that it is negotiating to buy the latest training equipment and send some members of the research team and training abroad to periodically review and training the latest developments in the world in this area.

And Dr. Ahmed Al-Zuhairi, professor and head of the genetics department and member of the research and training team of the center, explained that the center has already started its activities by organizing a number of courses and lectures in the Egyptian universities and published on the internet as well as the translation of some scientific books in this field as a book presented in bioinformatics and genomics which was published this year Through the academic library to achieve the goal of the Center to establish a database for saving and recall of biological information at the level of the Republic.

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