"Professor for Every Factory" program from the Fund for Science and Technological Development

In the framework of mechanisms and programs for the funding of scientific research and innovation provided by the Fund for Science and Technological Development and within the framework of targeting the real link between scientific research and industry.

The Fund will introduce a new course of "Professor for Every Factory" program, which will allow researchers from universities or research centers to study a problem in one of the industrial establishments and propose solutions by providing the necessary support for the researcher for 4 months.

For those who wish to apply for the program, they can read the text of the appeal and the proposed industrial problems (24 industrial challenges) that require the researchers' energies and expertise to address them.by visiting the management unit development projects at the university.

The program is submitted through the Fund's website: www.stdf.org.eg

For technical support, contact and visit the Development Management Unit at the University

Mobile: 01022244741

Or email the unit at:


                                                                                                    Executive Director of the Unit for                                 Management of Development Projects at the University

                                                                                                      Prof. Sherine Issa Mohamed

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