The closing ceremony of the initiative of the youth of Egypt for community education at Zagazig University .. on Sunday

  Zagazig University is organizing a closing ceremony for the Egyptian Youth Initiative for Community Education on Sunday, May 6th, in the presence of Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bary, President of the University and Dr.Abd El Hakeem Nour El dine, Vice President for Education and Students Affairs at 10 am in the discussion hall at the Faculty of Nursing.

Iman Shokri Abdullah, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Nursing for Education and Student Affairs and coordinator of Zagazig University for the initiative of the youth of Egypt, said that this initiative was implemented by 50 students from the nursing and pharmacy colleges and the supervision team from the university in cooperation with the National Council of Population in Sharkia. And it will be honored where they carried out 160 educational sessions in schools and youth centers and health units in four centers in Sharkia governorate; Minya al-Qameh, Abu Hammad, Abu Kabir and Kafr Saqr over four weeks during April ,She added that the target was to reach 4000 citizens , and due to the high turnout, the number of attendance reached more than 4800 people of both sexes and different age groups, which was monitored by questionnaires conducted on citizens and this is a result of the simplified methods and explanatory methods used by the youth initiative to view and discuss a number of topics Affecting the lives of citizens such as diseases of malnutrition, infectious and non-communicable diseases, early marriage and others in order to educate the ordinary citizen within the framework of the community plan to raise health awareness and improve the health of the community. These courses were implemented in parallel within the university faculties.

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