Dr. Wassim al-Sisi during his participation in the scientific conference of the pharmacist Zagazig: the city of San El-Hagar in Sharkia Province and Heliopolis and Menouf "had schools and universities to teach medicine and pharmacy

   Dr. Wassim al-Sisi, Egyptologist said that the cities of San El-Hagar, Heliopolis and Menouf city of Badrashin had schools and universities to teach medicine and pharmacy. He added that the medical information was kept on papyrus and walls of the temples, and found many surgical machines in the temple of "Kom Ombo" Nubia is a number of scales to check the control of drugs,

   This came during his participation in the seventh scientific conference organized by the Faculty of Pharmacy, Zagazig University under the patronage of Dr. Khaled Abd El-Bary, President of the University where he delivered a lecture entitled "Pharmacy in Ancient Egypt and in the presence of Dr. Maher al-Dimiati, former university president, Dr. Mohammed Baraka, Dean of the College, Dr. Ghada Shaker, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs,and Dr. Hanan Al-Nahhas, President of the Conference,

   The conference discusses the new in the field of medicine about the future strategies of the pharmaceutical industry 2030, and the future of clinical pharmacy in Egypt.



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