Statement of Zagazig University on the student of the Faculty of Arts

In response to what the social networking sites have done and what has been raised about the quarrel that took place between one of the students of the Faculty of Arts and one of the security personnel, we explain the student Mena Allah Moataz, who is enrolled in the third department of psychology department, who went to the university book distribution center on Monday to get her books. That the day allocated to students of the second division according to the distribution schedule announced and approved by the Dean of the College as a regulatory measure to prevent overcrowding and overcrowding, the student objected to this and filmed the students while taking books from the center, making the individual security intervention to prevent the student from photography in order to preserve the privacy And in accordance with its instructions. What was the student to continue filming, the supervisor of administrative security was called to take the phone. The student called her father and some of her family members and harassed the administrative security personnel. Dr. Emad Mukhaimar, Dean of the College, arrived and intervened to contain the situation and took them to his office. The student edited a memorandum of what happened and the supervisor of administrative security a memorandum of the incident. For his part, the Dean of the College referred the two memoranda to the legal affairs of the investigation and promised the family of the student to preserve its right in the case of the confirmation of the administrative security officer or exceeded it in its right. It was supposed to end at this limit, but after leaving the college accompanied by her father heading to the second section of Zagazig and edited a report and was summoned to the administrative security officer to investigate him and ended the matter to waive the request of the student and the minutes of reconciliation between them.
Dr. Khaled Abd El-Bari, the university's president at the opening of the shopping exhibition and the book fair at the Faculty of Arts, and despite his knowledge of the reconciliation between the two parties, quickly instructed the completion of the investigation by the Department of Legal Affairs to hold the culprit accountable. This is for information and clarification ...
Media Supervisor
Dr.. Aida Saeed d. Mohamed Awad

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