Conference for Programming and Communication Technology at Zagazig University

TICO, in collaboration with the IEEE Student Branch at Zagazig University, is organizing a scientific conference aimed at introducing students to the latest developments in the fields of programming, communications and the formation of a generation that is aware of the requirements of the labor market and the engineers to work in multinational companies. 2018 in the Forum Hall at Zagazig University where this annual conference is unique in the Republic, where it is a series of lectures discussing the latest developments in technology in the areas of programming and communications and will be followed by a series of workshops to train students on the These technologies will be lectures and workshops by leading global companies
(IBM - ITWORX - EMC RSA - Valeo - Microsoft)
The objective of this conference is to raise students who are aware of the requirements of the labor market and are able to compete and highlight the status of Zagazig University for its initiative to organize this event as the areas that will be discussed in lectures and workshops are
(Artificial intelligence - Automation - Cyber ​​Security - Digital senses - Big data)
It is the most developed area of ​​our time.
Therefore, the team aspires to cooperate with the Office of Innovation and Technology Transfer to make this conference a strong product and the compass of the regions coming from the governorates of the Delta and the sea in partnership with a number of leading companies in the fields of programming and communications to provide a number of lectures and workshops to attend. The official partner of the conference will be NTRA, Vodafone companies in the sponsorship of the conference
 The student branch organized the event in 2017 and has partnered with multinational companies such as
Oracle - IBM-Microsoft - Mentor graphics
And the presence of 350 students from the governorates of the Delta and a sea face as the conference is a series of lectures and workshops on how to implement the programming applications.
In the framework of increasing students' awareness of the labor market and its developments, and the keenness of Zagazig University to raise students capable of competing among students of other universities.

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