Opening proposals for transferring research outputs ready for implementation to the productive level

The Development Projects Management Unit at Zagazig University, in cooperation with the National Program for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, announces the opening of the progress of the faculty members with their proposals to transfer the research outputs ready for implementation to the productive level in cooperation with productive institutions and companies in the public and private sectors in one of the following areas:
1. Delivery systems for marketed human and biologics to improve their therapeutic outcomes.
2. Formulations of pharmaceuticals by incorporating vital constitutional articles to improve their therapeutic outcomes.
3. Additional therapeutic effects of registered biopharmaceuticals to expand their therapeutic prospects.
4. Use of biotechnology to produce high-quality additives for animal feed.
5. Production of enzymes used in applications of molecular biology as well as industrial applications using biotechnology.
6. Production of immunological and molecular diagnostic materials for human or veterinary diseases.
7. Vital products in the field of agricultural production and environmental pollution treatment.
8. Produce effective materials from plant sources using biotechnology.
Suggested content and mechanisms of progress:
    The proposal shall be submitted in the form of a file in both English and Arabic (PDF) and preliminary feasibility indicators. The proposal shall be approved by the authority to which the main developed company and the establishment shall belong. And accompanied by a letter from the head of the body of the researcher and the file is sent in full by one of the following means:
• electronically to the following address: or
To be approved by the administration of the program with six hard copies within one week of the date of submission electronically.
• Directly to manage the Center for Scientific Cooperation in the General Secretariat of the Academy:
With six hard copies of the proposal in addition to a CD in PDF format.
   It can be made by one or several agencies combined in the form of a consortium or a multidisciplinary research team. In this case, the principal investigator is the main contracting body with the primary responsibility for achieving the proposed plan.

The research proposal, together with the rest of the elements in the progress model, should include the following points:
1) Previous Achievements:
• Provide the biotechnological product as an integrated technological package including the results obtained, supported by the results of the tests conducted on the product and supported by the supplements.
• The technology used has been developed through continuous improvement to increase the effectiveness and production of the biological product in innovative ways aimed at reducing production costs.
2) Preliminary economic feasibility indicators (local market need - actual import - names of some producing companies - availability of materials and supplies and their value for the price of selling the product)
3) Scientific, technological and industrial importance.
4) Experience of the research team and the degree of integration of its specialties.
5) Availability of facilities and equipment at the applicant.
6) Pre-business for the owners of the technology to be transferred.
7) Identification data for the productive partner.
Project duration:
   And in exceptional cases and after obtaining the approval of the Program Committee for a period of one year only and in accordance with the requirements of the project and the degree of its progress.
Proposed Project Budget:
    According to the needs of each project and the nature of the submitted subject distributed on the following items (rewards / supplies / consulting / against the use of production lines to others / preparation of economic and technical feasibility studies / other) and justifications of the items listed and may not exceed the remuneration item for the working group for 20% of the total budget Discretion.
- Deadline for acceptance of proposals: 10 February 2018
For technical support, contact and visit the Development Management Unit at the University
Mobile: 01022244741
Or email the unit at:
Executive Director of the Development Projects Management Unit
      Prof. Shereen eassa Mohamed

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