Dr.. Abdel Rahim El-Bebiti Advisor to the President of Zagazig University for Financial Affairs

Issued d. Dr. Abd El-Rahim El-Shahat Ahmed El-Behtaiti, Professor Emeritus of the Department of Economic Sciences at the Department of Financial and Administrative Sciences at the Faculty of Technology and Development, as Advisor to the President of the University for Financial and Administrative Affairs.
It should be noted that d. Abdel Rahim El-Bebiti has been the acting secretary-general of Zagazig University during the last period and is the first to fill this position of faculty members at the University of Zagazig and at the level of Egyptian universities, which made Cairo University adopt this course.
The Media Center expresses its sincere congratulations and best wishes for success
Media Supervisor
Dr.. Aida Said Dr. Mohammed Awad

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