Scholarships submitted by the Republic of Hungary

The Cultural Affairs and Missions Sector announces grants for bachelor's degree submitted by the Republic of Hungary (65) scholarships for bachelor's degree program in Agriculture (Engineering, Technology, Natural Sciences)

Conditions for Grant:

  1.     The candidate must be Egyptian.
  2.     The sons of the Egyptian community who are in Hungary and can only get their masters after the bachelor on the same grant.
  3.     The age of the applicant shall not exceed 21 years on 1/9/2018.
  4.     He has not been awarded a grant from Hungary before.

Grant data provided by the Hungarian side

  •     Tuition free of charge - provision of accommodation in university cities - the right to basic health services.
  •     Monthly grant allowance in accordance with the rules in force in Hungary.
  •     The grant does not include round trip travel expenses.

These grants may be made available on the Hungarian website:


Documents required to grant bachelor's degrees:

  1.     A copy of the grant application form electronically available from the Hungarian side is complete
  2.     The origin of the high school certificate or its equivalent in English. In the case of study in Hungarian, the certificate is translated into Hungarian
  3.     Copy of National ID card
  4.     Copy of valid passport for at least three years
  5.     Students who study in English should submit a statement stating that their studies are in the English language
  6.     The required documents are delivered at the following address: Liberation Complex - General Administration of Missions - Seventh Floor
  7.     Do not pay attention to the papers that are submitted by mail or email
  8.     Deadline for submission of documents to the missions: Sunday, 18/2/2018

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