Board of the month of January 2018

Faculty of Physical Education Girls
  Games Section
 Board of the month of January 2018

On Tuesday, 3/1/2018, the Board of the Games Section held its monthly session under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Nadia Mohamed El Sawy in the presence of:
1. Prof. Nadia Mohamed El Sawy. (Chairman)
2- Prof. Rabih Mohammed Lutfi. (Member)
3- Prof. Dr. / Taghreed Mohammed Al-Iraqi. (Member)
4- Dr. Hwaida Abdul Hamid Ismail (Member)
5- Dr. Fatima Abu Abdoun (Member)
6- Prof. Alia Mohammed Saeed. (Member)
7- Prof. Randa Shawky Sayed. (Member)
8- Dr. Awatif Sobhy Mohamed. (Member)
9. a. Dr. Zeinab Hathout. (Member)
10 a. Dr. Jehan Mohamed Fouad. (Member)
11- Dr. Iman Abdullah Zaid. (Member)
12- Dr. Azza Ahmed Al-Saeed (Secretary of the Council)
13- Dr. Amal Anwar Abdel Salam. (Member)
14- Dr. Najla Ahmad Radwan (Member)
15- Dr. Fayza Mohammed Al-Saeed. (Member)
16- Dr. Samarmanee (member)
Dr. Manar Al-Islam (Member)
18- Dr. Mona Alaa (Member)
Dr. Lamia Taha (Member)
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On the minutes of the meeting of the previous session
** the decision :-
Topic (1): -
1- The letter from the Ministry of Higher Education concerning the book received from the Embassy of the Tunisian Republic in Cairo on 23/4/2017, which includes the Ministry of Religious Affairs in the Republic of Tunisia announces the opening of the nomination for the "Tunisia International Prize for Islamic Studies.
** the decision :-
The Council was informed.
Topic (2): -
2- A letter from the Graduate Studies and Research Department of the Center for International Relations regarding the opening of the progress of the grants funded by the US Department of State for holders of bachelor's or bachelor's degrees.
** the decision :-
The Council was informed
Topic (3): -
3- The speech of the Supreme Council of Universities regarding the World Exhibition of Higher Education during the period from 16 to 18 April 2018 at the Amman Convention and Exhibition Center in Muscat under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education in Oman.
** the decision :-
The Council was informed

Topic (4): -
4- The letter from Zagazig University regarding the announcement of external missions or joint supervision or scientific tasks or the collection of the scientific material of the master.

** the decision :-
The Council was informed
Topic (5): -
1- The letter from the Egyptian Patent Office concerning the opening of registration for the general session of intellectual property in Egypt through distance learning. The course starts from 11 February until 13 April 2018.

** the decision :-
The Council was informed
 Topic (6): -
5 - The letter to Zagazig University regarding the extension of the deadline for nomination for the Arab creativity prize on December 31, 2017.

** the decision :-
The Council was informed

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