Today, the opening of the candidacy for the elections of the student union at Zagazig University

On Wednesday (November 29th), candidates for the student union elections at Zagazig University will be opened and the forms will be announced. The announcement of the preliminary statements of candidates will be announced on Sunday 3rd December. Appeals will be received on the second day of Monday, December 4th. The appeals will be received. Final on Wednesday (December 6th). Election campaigning should start on Thursday (December 7th).
The number of applicants in the Faculty of Medicine is 70 students, 58 sciences, 56 trade, 62 sports, 56 boys, 56 girls, 70 pharmacy and 69 engineering.
     Dr. Khalid Abdul Bari, President of the University Resolution No. 2298 on November 28, the formation of the General Committee to supervise the student elections under the chairmanship of Dr. Abdulhakim Noureddine Vice President for Education and Student Affairs.
The university president stressed the need for the Dean of the College and the Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs during all stages of the electoral process, starting from candidacy, reviewing appeals, announcing final names, holding elections, counting votes and announcing the results. He also stressed the need to adhere to neutrality and transparency during the electoral process
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Dr.. Aida Said Dr. Mohammed Awad

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