Zagazig University Organizes 15th Environment Festival under the slogan - Our Goal to Build Man

        Under the slogan "Our goal to build man" the activities of the 15th Environment Festival organized by Zagazig University began this year during the period from the first of November 2017 until the end of April 2018 under the auspices of Dr. Khalid Abdul Bari University President.
He said d. Dr. Abdullah Askar, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, said that the activities are being carried out by various faculties of the university, including medical and veterinary convoys inside and outside Sharkia governorate, as well as training courses in the field of first aid, handicrafts and educational awareness seminars inside and outside the university in a large number of governorate villages Eastern .
      The activities started with a veterinary convoy of Kafur Najm Al Ibrahimia Center and training courses for the Zahraa Preparatory School for Girls to equip them with handicraft skills such as knitting, accessories, ceramics, drawing on glass and educational seminars in the field of aid and health care. A veterinary convoy to Helmiya village opened the Abu Hammad center in addition to organizing training courses for middle school and high school students and held seminars on first aid.
  He added that the activities of the festival are carried out in parallel within the faculties of the university, where a course was held in the first aid and educational seminar on mental diseases Faculty of Physical Education Girls. At the Faculty of Pharmacy, training courses were held for female college students on ceramics, accessories and ceramics.
Media Supervisor
Dr.. Aida Said Dr. Mohammed Awad

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