The Strategic Planning Unit at Zagazig University develop a new mechanism for evaluating colleges for accreditation

   Dr. Madiha Wasify Mohammed, Executive Director of the Strategic Planning Unit, Zagazig University, said that the unit is in the process of developing a new mechanism for the follow-up of faculties that need to be re-evaluated for the colleges that will apply for the adoption of programs such as the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of  Specific Education,the Faculty of Technology and Development, andthe faculties that will apply for the renewal of accreditation ,they are the faculties of human medicine, pharmacy and sports education for girls, and the colleges that will advance for re-evaluation ,they are the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Education.

   This came during the meeting of the monthly strategic planning unit headed by Dr. Madiha Wasify and the presence of both Dr. Wafa Fawzi Hussein, Director of Quality Center and Dr. Ghada Al-Musallami, Director of the Center for Developing the Capacity of Faculty Members, Deputy Director of Development Projects Unit, members of the Strategic Planning Unit Council, the Unit Heads of Colleges and Coordinators of the College Planning Standard.

    The meeting discussed the work plan of the unit and discuss the mechanism and investment projects (section 6) funded by the Ministry of Planning, Follow-up and Administrative Reform, as well as discuss the implementation of the plan of the university during 2016/2017.


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