President of Zagazig University in his tour of the Faculty of Science

  Dr. Khaled Abd El-Bary, President of Zagazig University, expressed his happiness today by meeting with the students of the Faculty of Science and inspecting the student activities camp accompanied by the vice-presidents of the university.Where he congratulated the college administration represented by Dr. Mohammed Al-Iraqi ,Dean of the College and Dr. Jamal Anan, Vice Dean for Environmental Affairs and Dr. Mohamed Sherif, Vice Dean for Education and Students Affairs,and Dr. Karam Talib Hussein, Vice Dean for Graduate Studies, heads of departments, faculty members and staff, During the ceremony organized by the college to receive the students of the first division and other branch .

   During the meeting, Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bary, President of the University, said: "I congratulate you twice on the new academic year and the new Hijri year, and I hope that it will be a successful academic year and happy with God willing. I would like to assure for all that the Faculty of Science is the Faculty of Science and scientists and I personally studied by professors from the Faculty of Science, including Dr. Abdul Azim Shalaby and Dr. Bayoumi Tartour and Dr. Hamdi Aldidamoni and other  professors of the great generations and for that status  since few days ago, a great Egyptian scientist, Dr. Moustafa El-Sayed visited the university and during his visit to the Faculty of Science, he praised with the scientific research level and outstanding scientific achievements. He promised to create groups to follow up the scientific researches of the faculty members and the youth and the assistants of faculty members of the faculty .It is worth mentioning that the college has the largest share of the scientific publishing awards at the university level about 60 to 70% of the university awards for scientific publishing. This indicates that it is a distinguished college with its scientists and I say this to each student to be proud of  by joining this college. The differences between the faculties are not great Therefore, the College of Science is considered as the mother of practical colleges, and its graduate is a distinguished graduate and a science student.

    The president of the university addressed the students and said: "Consider the serious thinking in the future and ask for knowledge and commitment to start the study from the first week. The college offers about 28 programs so the chance to excel is greater.With the excellence of distinguished faculty management, two distinct programs have been developed to suit the needs of the labor market. The college will introduce programs to attract students. In addition, the Council of the University approved a new college project for biotechnology to become one of the distinguished colleges.And interest beside the science to develop your talents and the practice of student activities and orientation to faculty members in case of facing any problem and interested in being a student science and not a student grades,You are the future of Egypt and the hope of tomorrow.

   For his part, Dr.Mohammed Iraqi  said that in this meeting with the President of the University and Vice-Presidents of the University And all of us hopes and aspirations to raise the status of the Faculty of Science and Zagazig University, wishing for success and repayment and congratulations on the new academic year and the adoption of the College of the outstanding programs that meet the requirements of the current and future labor market and wish a successful academic year and make our homeland a beacon of knowledge for the whole science and God grants success .


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      Dr. Aida Mohamed Said                                                  Dr. Mohamed Awad


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