President of Zagazig University meets students of the Faculty of Medicine .. And honors the first and distinguished

   Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bary, President of Zagazig University, met with students of the Faculty of Medicine on Saturday 16 September 2017,  in the presence Dr. Abd El Hakeem Nour El dineVice President for Education and Student Affairs and  Dr. Abdullah Askar, Vice President for Environmental Affairs and Dr. Mervat Askar, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research and Dr.Atef Al Bahrawi, Dean of the College and Dr. Nahla Al-Gamal, Vice Dean for Environmental Affairs and Dr. Khalid Bayoumi ,Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Dr. Magdy Gawish, Acting Vice Dean for Student Affairs, during the reception ceremony organized by the college where he inspected the student activities camp that prepared for the reception of new students and display art  works .
  During the meeting, Dr. Abd El-Bary expressed his happiness with his meeting with new students, congratulating them on the new academic year. He pointed out that the commitment to lectures in addition to participating in activities at the college and university levels is the only way For excellence. He added that if a nation wants to rise, it must take care of its young people and encourage them to learn, work and creativity and provide  for them with all the means of care and attention to develop talents and acquire various skills in the forefront of communication and integration skills in the student community. This is what the state is keen on, especially at this stage. Youth are the present and future of the upcoming renaissance. 
   The university president concluded by saying, "In my name and on behalf of Zagazig University, its deputies, departments and employees, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the parents who made great efforts to bring their children to the university.Then the university president honored the high school graduates of new students.

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