President of Zagazig University participates in the carnival of the delegations of the participating universities in the 11th youth university week in Monofeya

   Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bary, President of Zagazig University and a number of university presidents participate in the Carnival of the delegations of the universities participating in the 11th Youth University of Monofeya, where the carnival started in front of the administrative building of the University of Menoufia and to the stadium of the university on which the events and competitions are held, The media campaign from the ambulant teams of the participating universities carrying the flag of Egypt and the flags of the universities and signs and models of the most important cultures of each university, as they walked the streets of Shebin Al-Kom. where total of 26 Egyptian universities will participate in the week, which will be held at Monofeya University from September 14 to 19.
   Dr. Abd El-Bary visited the university's team that participated in the week to check on them and did not hesitate as a father for all students to examine a student who has a head injury.

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      Dr. Aida Mohamed Said                                                  Dr. Mohamed Awad


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