Zagazig University begins special programs to obtain a Bachelor of Technology in Nursing Sciences

   As part of the development plan adopted by Zagazig University under the chairmanship of Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bary for the advancement of the nursing sector, the study begins this year 2017/2018 in two distinguished programs to study the specialized diploma in nursing equivalent Bachelor of Technology in Nursing Sciences, the first program in the specialization of "Nursing Women and Obstetrics" and second "Emergency and Intensive Care Nursing ".

   This was stated by Dr. Nadia Mohamed Taha, Dean of the College of Nursing, explaining that the target of the program graduates of the Technical Institute of Nursing or equivalent (Diploma of the Institute of Technical Health Nursing Division). She added that applications for admission to the Technical Institute of Nursing of the Faculty of Nursing at Zagazig University from Sunday 10/9/2017 and for a week and hold a personal interview of candidates who meet the conditions from Sunday 17/9/2017 to 20/9/2017.


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    Dr. Aida Mohammed Said                                                            Dr. Mohamed Awad


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