Department of Educational and Social Sciences

(Agenda of August 2017)

1- The letter received from the Ministry of Higher Education regarding the supervision, accompanied by a copy of Law No. 73 of 2017 amending certain provisions of Decree Law No. 101 of 2015 in the matter of combating the violation of examinations.
 2- The letter from the Ministry of Higher Education concerning the contents of the letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Permanent Representative of the Arab Republic of Egypt to the League of Arab States, attached to the Secretariat of the Prince Nayef Award for Arab Security. 2017 and until 31 October 2017.
3- Letter from the Department of International Organizations and Conferences concerning the submission to the Secretariat of the Council of the President of the Sector of the Office of the Minister of Higher Education accompanied by the letter of the Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia announcing the opening of the nomination for the Nile (Tunisia International Prize for Islamic Studies). The nomination is on 30/9/2017.
4- The letter from the Jordanian Royal Geographical Center regarding the holding of the first international conference in the management of geospatial information in the period 22 - 24 August 2017.
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