Zagazig University honors those who will retire on Saturday

   Zagazig University will hold a celebration on Saturday 10 am in the Forum Hall to honor employees of the administrative and support services referred to the pension during the period from 1 January to 30 June 2017, where the honor includes 428 administrative staff and support services from the departments and faculties of the university.
   Dr. Khalid Abd El-bary, President of the University, said that the honor comes as a kind of appreciation to the brothers and sisters who reached the age of retirement by the end of this year after spending long years of work and giving in recognition of the value they have acquired over many years of continuous giving and effort that inevitably contributed to the wheel our educational system forward.
    He added that this celebration will be held twice a year to celebrate those who preceded us in the service of Zagazig University and to have opportunities to meet between colleagues, friends and loved ones that work gathered them.

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    Dr. Aida Mohammed Said                                                            Dr. Mohamed Awad


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