Zagazig Engineering celebrates with the graduation of the first batch of the distinctive program of Mechatronics

   The seminar hall at Zagazig University witnessed the graduation ceremony of the first batch of the distinguished program of Mechatronics Engineering in the presence of Dr. Ahmed Farouk Abdul Gawad, Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, And Dr. Mefrah Milad ,Eng. Amani Kafafy, the captain of engineers in the Sharkia, faculty members, employees, graduates and parents.
    During the ceremony, Dr. Ahmed Farouk said that I would like to convey to you the congratulations of Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bary, President of the University and Dr. Alaa Atta, Dean of the College explaining that the engineering Mechatroniat is distinguished program and graduate is also distinguished ,Faculty of Engineering of Zagazig University is College that accredited from the first time and you will know the value of this academic accreditation when you enter the labor market both inside and outside Egypt  and you have to add something to this country because any country seeking development there must be engineers and we all know the role of engineers in our major national projects such as the High Dam and Canal Suez and others that are now implementing for comprehensive and sustainable development.
   Dr. Mefrah Milad ,  Coordinator of the program directed his speech to the graduates: To become a good engineer you have to follow the advanced studies in engineering and the real challenge for you in the next  stage so you must determine your goal and seek to achieve it.
    For her part, Eng, Amani Kafafi congratulated to the graduates and their families, saying, "Distinguished graduates and parents ... You planted and this is the day of harvest. Today is the beginning of a new journey and I welcome you as a new colleagues in the Engineers Syndicate to serve our precious Egypt to keep the crown above the top of the world. 

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