Zagazig University council has approved the establishment and bylaws of a joint MS program on "the sustainable land management (SLM)".

 This program is the main outcome of the Erasmus plus project entitled "Interuniversity Learning in Higher Education on Advanced land Management - Egyptian Country/ ILHAM-EC" funded by the EU. This EU program regroups the 9 following partners (4 EG and 5 EU):
1.Desertification Research Centre - University of Sassari (Italy)
2. University of Leeds (UK)
3. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece).
4. Mediterranean Universities Union
5. Advanced Computer Systems (Italy)
6. University of Cairo
7.Alexandria University.
8. Damanhour University
9. Zagazig University – ZU
It is expected that this program will be run next academic year in the faculties of Agriculture in four EG universities (Cairo-Alexandria-Zagazig-Damanhour) after the approval of the Supreme Council of Universities.
This joint MS program will open its doors for the graduates of the faculties of agriculture from all specialties being a multi-disciplinary one. The academic staff in the faculties of agriculture in the four participating universities will collaboratively share teaching and supervision in this program and hence the graduates of this program will obtain MS certificates approved by the four Egyptian universities. The academic teaching for the MS program in the first year will be run in two locations (Cairo-Alexandria), according to the geographical habitation of the students, while the second year will be run in each of the four universities. The student of this program will pass a mobility training in the university of Sassari in Italy.
The program aims at enhancing the quality management of land especially land and water resources as well as the associated environmental components, e.g. plant and animal lives to assure sustainable environmental protection, preservation and improvement of the land resources for the welfare of the human being.
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