The start of medical examination for new students at Zagazig University on August 13


  Zagazig University announced about the dates of the medical examination for the new students who graduated this year and are enrolled in university faculties through the university admission coordination office in the new academic year 2017/2018. The medical examination will start from 13 August and will continue until 30 November 2017, At 9:00 am at the Student Hospital of the General Directorate of Medical Affairs.

   And Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bary, the university's president, said that a C-virus analysis will be conducted for all new students in the framework of the student health care project to eradicate the virus C. He pointed out that Zagazig University is the first university that successfully in conduct a C virus analysis for all new students last year, Free treatment.
   Dr.Abd El Hakeem Nour El dine, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs explained that this year a new form for the form of medical examination for new students in different faculties has been prepared from the website of the Medical Department at Zagazig University  with specifying the date of disclosure and the serial number of the student and the rest of his data and choosing the appropriate time according to the attached schedule. It was also prepared by the Medical Department, the Student Hospital and the Medical College Laboratories to withdraw and analyze more than 33,000 samples of new students To ensure that they are free of infection with the virus "C" because conducting the analysis of the virus "C" is a prerequisite for the acceptance of the student so as to reassure the University of the absence of students from this virus.
    Dr. Ahmed Wagdy, Director General of the General Department of Medical Affairs, said that the students applying to the Medical Administration - Students Hospital - must conduct the medical examination on the day specified for them with the nomination card along with the printed medical examination form from the website.with an obligation to place a picture of the student at the top left of the form. The student will complete the medical examination form from the Zagazig University website at the date of detection and a serial number. When the specified number of tests is completed on the day, registration will be made on the following day, with a personal picture attached to the student at the top left of the form. In case of non-attendance, the student will not be revealed until the day of the schedule specified in the schedule.

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