A new vision for the future of the Center for Measurement and Evaluation at Zagazig University

    In the framework of the development policy pursued by Zagazig University in the next phase under the chairmanship of Dr. Khalid Abd El-Barry, the Measurement and Evaluation Center seeks to be one of the centers of excellence in the university and like other centers in the corresponding other universities ... This is confirmed by Dr. Mohamed Awad Al Barbary, the new Executive Director of the Center during the periodic meeting that held with the participation of the directors of the units of measurement and evaluation managers at the university faculties, pointing out that the Center has started positive steps for development. He started by the launch of an official special e-mail is: zumac@zu.edu.eg and the process of establishing a website.

    During the meeting, the new organizational structure of the Center was reviewed and the Center's vision, mission and strategic objectives were discussed for the next phase in accordance with the strategic plan to be implemented during the period (2016/2017-2020/2021). The organizational structure of the units of measurement and evaluation  in the colleges was also discussed where it was decided to complete the databases about each unit. As well as it has been limited to the training needs of each faculty with regard to the various areas of measurement and evaluation and measuring the contribution of deans from the standpoint of unit managers.

    As Dr. Mohamed Awad introduced a simplified university project for Measurement and Evaluation (2017 - 2019)  in the Faculty of Law, Commerce, Science and Sports Education Girls, which is being implemented with funding from the university and the Development Unit of the Ministry of Higher Education projects according to the fifth session of the support and the establishment of centers for measurement and evaluation of Egyptian universities projects.

   Supervisor of the Office                                               Media advisor  

          Dr. Aida Mohamed Said                                           Dr. Mohamed Awad       



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