Leadership preparation camp at Zagazig University receives the first group of youth of the Nile Valley

    Leadership preparation camp at Zaqaziq University receives the first group of youth of the Nile Valley on Saturday, August 8th, where events and activities will be organized in the university cities where students who participate from Zaqaziq University and Al Nileen University will be welcomed and accommodated.
    And Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bary, President of the University, stressed that the goal of organizing the camp for the preparation of leaders for the second year in a row is the early preparation of future leaders among the university students to build and form the personality to be able to exercise leadership in the administrative institutions and contribute effectively to the renaissance of the homeland. This year, we have been keen to host students from the Nile University in Sudan to increase ties of friendship and exchange of cultures.
     And Dr.Abd El Hakeem Nour El dine,vice President for Education and Student Affairs said that after housing  a presentation line will be organized, followed by a meeting with the project management and present week program, which lasts for five days where the daily program includes a queue athlete, breakfast and salute the flag and instructions of today's ,symposium and workshops ( Technical, scouting and cultural), lunch, cultural activities, public service, sports activities, dinner and ceremony.

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