Admission of 1230 students in faculties of quality education and physical education boys and girls

   The Council of Zagazig University, under the chairmanship of Dr. Khaled Abd El-Bary, decided to accept 1230 students in the faculties of physical education and physical education boys and girls among the applicants for the capacity tests of high school students in 2017.
    And Dr. Salah Sharif, Dean of the Faculty of Specific Education stated that it was decided to accept 330 students and 200 students in art education 120 of the literary section, 50 of the science department and 30 of the Math department, and admission of 130 students in musical education 70 students of literature and 35 students from the Department of Science and 25 From the Division of Math explaining that the steps followed by students to perform the capacity tests within the college after registering on the website then he begins to go to the Department of Student Affairs in the College to review the card technical or musical abilities in the Department of Student Affairs and pay the fees prescribed for each test with the value of 30 pounds for the Coordination Office and 100 for each test to Artistic or musical abilities then he advanced to educational tests  include features and personal interview.
    For his part, Dr.Medhat El Shafei, Dean of the College of Physical Education for Boys, decided to accept 500 students in the college with 200 students from the literary department, 150 students from the science department and 150 students from the math department among the applicants who pass the medical, sports, personal and abilities tests.
  Dr. Iman Saad Zaghloul, Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education Girls that it was decided to accept 400 students with 150 students from the literary section, 150 from the Science Division and 100 students from the Math Division among the candidates who obtain medical tests, sports and fitness and other tests.

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