Zagazig Computer Graduates Project provides software solutions in the health and geographic fields to serve our dear Egypt

    "Smart and creative ideas to provide technical software solutions to problems in the health and geographical areas of the revival of our dear Egypt," that statement can describe the case of graduation projects competition in the Faculty of Computer and Information at zagazig University , which amounted to 13 projects presented by students of the Department of Information Systems this year, which have been presented and judged by the faculty  in an atmosphere filled with ambition and hope for a bright future for graduates, under the auspices of Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bari ,University President.

     Dr. Abd El- Nasser Al-Hussain, Dean of the College congratulated the students on the excellence of their projects. He thanked the supervisors for the good organization and the supervision and follow-up of the students, stressing that the college is based on the strategy of the university which focuses on the importance of practical and practical aspect of the study is keen to implement the plan to develop the ideas of graduation projects and Sharkawi especially through technical skills development of students.For this purpose, the college offers the latest types of practical training for students inside and outside the college, which was provided by the College in collaboration with the Institute of Information Technology of the Ministry of Communications for the training of third year students on the development of Internet applications and with IBM Corporation to train lecturers and assistant teachers college on the latest special technologies applications mobile  then Training second year students on summer vacation.
     And Dr. Khalid Ali Al-Darandly, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, explained that the projects show the results of learning that achieve the vision, objectives and mission of the college, which is an integral part of the university's mission, pointing out that the fourth year students work in working groups from the beginning of the academic year to provide technical solutions for problems contemporary help in the renaissance of society by the hands of an Egyptian.
    And Dr. Mohamed Mounir Hassan, Head of Information Systems, praised the projects that were presented this year due to their diversity between internet and mobile applications, the use of cloud computing technology and Internet stuff. As well as varied areas of application of software solutions in health and geographical areas and smart cities and the evaluation of software quality institutions.
    The project students presented their projects and how to apply them in the practical life and the extent of their contribution to the service of our Egyptian society in front of the discussion committee that  composed from Dr. Ayman Mustafa and Dr. Nasreen Saber and Dr. Soad Mohammed Najib and Dr. Nabil Mustafa teachers in the department where a number of outstanding projects were presented in the medical applications group including Drop of Life project to link the blood banks with an information system on the electronic cloud to make it easy for the user to reach the nearest places of bags.Participated in the implementation under the supervision of  Dr. Nassreen Al Saber each of  Mohammed Hassan Al Farw, Mohammed Jamal Soliman, Mohammed Amin Mohammed, Mohammed Al Baghdadi and Marina Sobhi. The project participated in the DELL EMC competition and the Egyptian Engineering Day Competition (EED). and it reached the final stage and it will be presented in a ceremony on the Egyptian engineering day.
    The second project (ICU) offers an Internet and mobile application that enables the user to find the nearest intensive care bed available in critical situations using cloud computing technology. Participated in the implementation under the supervision of Dr.Suad Mohammed Najib and the implementationeach  of Ahmed Mohammed Al-Hussari and Ahmed Alaa Jado and Ahmed Abdul Aziz Abulkhair and Aya Jamal Taha and Aya Abdul Moneim and Hadir Hani. The project took part in the DELL EMC competition
    The third project, "Your Baby", provides a platform for the Internet and mobile that enables parents to follow their children healthily during the first year of life. It provides the information to the parents with the needs of the child according to his age, as well as the opportunity to communicate with the specialist doctors and knowledge of common diseases and means of prevention and implemented under the supervision of Dr. Rashed Khalil Each of Ihab Mohamed Abdelkayoum Mohamed, Ahmed Ibrahim Ali Mohamed, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahim, Ahmed Mahmoud Ahmed Ahmed and Yousef Hamdy Mohamed Attia.
    In the field of Internet stuff was the Smart House project, which was implemented through the simulation model of intelligent home control through the Internet and control of lighting, lock / open the door, the House of Sensor and Sensor heat). An application to use Internet stuff technology, co-implemented under the supervision of Dr. Nasreen Al Saber and each of  Mohammed Abdul Baki , Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Aziz, Mohamed Hisham Abdullah, Mohamed Mohamed Serag, Aya Khairy Ibrahim and Fatima Mohamed Mahdi.
    The MDS project is an application of a freight forwarding company inside Egypt that automates the relationship between the customer and the shipping company. The application provides the customer with the geographical tracking feature of the parcel sent during the flight through the mobile. It has been tentatively agreed with one of the emerging shipping companies to adopt the application. It was supervised by Dr. Mohammed Abdulbaset and implemented by the students: Mohamed Hassan Gouda, Ahmed Salah Dobeiba and  Ahmed Al-Saeed Al-Caspian, Ahmed Mansur Mohammed and Majed Abdulrahman Hussein.
    GIS projects were discussed in the Land Change project to study the geographical change in the nature of the exploitation of the lands of Sharqia Governorate using satellite images and prediction algorithms. Supervised the project by Dr. Nabil Mustafa.

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