The progress for newton-mosharafa projects at its new session

   After the success of Zagazig University in the progress of a group of research projects, which opened the door on April 3, 2017 for newton-mosharafa projects  Institutional Links
   The Development Projects Management Unit is announcing to the start of the formation of new research groups for the next round of the Newton-mosharafa
projects, which will be opened as of 10/7/2017
The members of the faculty and those wishing to join to these groups should register their data at the following link:


   As well as communication with the Unit for the management of development projects at the university where participants will be informed of the date and a meeting of those groups to write and prepare research proposals.
Terms of enrollment Groups:
1. Having a new and innovative research idea.
2. The presence of a partner from the State of England and if there is no unit will provide all support in this regard.
3. Communicate with the unit to write and prepare the research proposal according to the standard specifications so that Zagazig University can compete for these projects.

For technical support contact and visit the development projects management unit at the university

Tel: 0552372518
Mobile: 01022244741
Or email the unit at

Executive Director of the Development Projects Management Unit

                                                                               Prof. Shereen eassa Mohamed

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