For the second year, Zagazig University organizes a camp for the preparation of future leaders

    For the next year, Zagazig University organizes camp to prepare future leaders under the auspices of Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bary, president of the university Where this year will be organized under the title of leaders of the youth of the Nile Valley as of July 8, 2017 with the participation of students from the University of the Nile in Sudan. 

    This was stated byDr.Abd El Hakeem Nour El dine, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, noting that the camp aims at the discovery and development of student talent in all student activities and the consolidation of citizenship, democracy, and belonging to the social values of peace to students and staff at universities as well as mutual understanding and bonding between the Arab and Egyptian students and the exchange of cultures and experiences and promote For Egyptian Tourism.

    He added that the camp will receive four regiments of each regiment of 160 students from Zagazig University and a number of students from the University of Neelain in Sudan competing in the practice of various cultural activities, including seminars and lectures in human development and wall magazines, sports and technical activities and mobility and public service. The event will conclude with a distinguished team from four  teams.

   Supervisor of the Office                                               Media advisor  

          Dr. Aida Mohamed Said                                           Dr. Mohamed Awad       




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