"Handball Specialty" exam (4th)

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Faculty of Physical Education
   Stage: Bachelor
                The "Handball Handball" Exam (4th) The "Second" Semester
                                          University Year (2016/2017)
Material: Major (Handball) Grade: (30) degree
Number of questions: four (4) time: two hours
                                                                                            Date: 14/6/2017
Answer the following questions
                                                Sample answer
First question: (10) degrees
The long jump is one of the most used types of correction. Through your study of this skill and sacrifice
the following:
A - Technical steps for the skill of long jump
 The artistic performance passes through four stages:
          Approaching _ upgrading _ aviation and correction _ landing

B - common mistakes of skill.
Use the wrong foot to approach or drop
Do not upgrade vigorously
Non-rotation of the shoulder arm aiming beyond
Keep the body aside after the preliminary movement for correction
Approaching with increased tilt during flight
       C) Develop a complex training with the key to drawing.

 The second question: (5) degree
   Is a case of numerical superiority of the attackers on the defenders to try to hit the goal before taking the opposing team defensive places .............................. in light of this phrase
Remember the name of this type of attack, when it starts, and its situations with an explanation using the graphic (illustrated graphic key)

The name of this type of attack: (the hijacking)
 And when it starts: (after the result of a misalignment and cut to pass where the goalkeeper quickly scroll to a colleague who quickly turn the pieces towards the goal and sing the goal and score a goal)
(1: 2), (2: 3) with one of them illustrated (drawing the key of the drawing)

  The third question: (5) degree
 Selection is the cornerstone of the emerging process.
What is the selection and its objectives?
Selection: It is a process whereby the best players are selected at multiple time intervals who have special preparations that meet the requirements of the type of activity practiced
Objectives: - Early detection of talents
               Fine-tuning talent and directing it to the type of activity that fits with individual characteristics
                And special preparations
       Take care of talent to the age of the tournament
      Save time, effort and money
      Direct the training process towards individual differences
B - Determinants of selection of youth.
Biological determinants
Psychological determinants (Explanation)
Special preparations (explanation)
  The fourth question: (10) degrees
   A - Choose the correct answer from the brackets: 5 degrees
1 - 3 meters long line in front of goal and 6 meters from the goal line and parallel line (goal - free throw - goal area).
2 - The time of the game on two halves of each (50 minutes - 30 minutes - 40 minutes).
3 - deliberately the player returned the ball to his area and entered the entire perimeter of the goal (goal - free throw - throw goal).
      4 - width of the goal line between the players (5 cm - 8 cm - 3 cm).
      5 - entered the stadium player who is not entitled to participate in the game (exclusion - free throw to the opposing team - both)
      6. A defender enters the goal area to prevent an attacking player from scoring (free throw, penalty throw, goal throw).
7 - The original time of the match has ended with a draw and the final goal is required. Play extra time after a break (5 minutes - 10 minutes - 2 minutes).
      8. The team has less than five players during the game (the game continues - the match is canceled - the game does not continue).
      9- The legal number of the handball team players who are registered in the registration form (16-12).
      10 - The goal height is (2 - 3 - 4) and wide (3-2-5).
   B - A reminder of the cases in which the player is excluded? 5 degrees
Enter a player who has no right to play
Serious irregularities related to entering the opponent
Repeat non-sportive behavior
Stop for the third time for the same player
Assault by the management team
Questions ended (God Almighty)
                                                                                 Prof. Nadia El Sawy

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