Exam Material Education Band Strength: Fourth

The second question (what follows): - (10 degrees)

1) The deformities have a bad effect on joints, muscles and bones.

2) The importance of practicing sports activities for the aging stage.

3) Fatigue often causes deformation.

4) The most important parts of the skeleton is the spine.

5) The person who has a deformity of the feet has severe pain in the foot and leg while walking.

The third question: - (10 degrees)
Explain the environmental factors that affect the child's strength before birth?
The fourth question: - (10 degrees)

Remember the role of physical education teacher in caring for students' strength?
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Answer the exam for the subject of textures for the year 2017
Answer the first question:
1 - the skin layer - different movements - physical perfection.

2 - a) strengthening and shortening of the muscles of the browbone.
B) Prolong the muscles of the side of the curve until it reaches normal.
C) Return the elasticity of the spine.
D) Training the patient on the right posture and sound session

A) The head pulls slightly forward
B) Turn the back and bend back.
C) The rib cage is narrowed and flattened
D) Turn the two shoulders and the boards are separated.
E) Shortening of the frontal muscles of the chest while the muscles of the back lengthen and weaken.

4 - 1. Anqi - 7 paragraphs
     2. Dhahri - 12 paragraphs
      3. Lumbar - 5 paragraphs
      4. The sacral - 5 vertebrae
      5. Sticks - 4 paragraphs
A) Long - humerus, forearm, thigh, leg.
     B) Short - wrist, foot and wrist
     C) Flattened - the bones of the board, the pterygium, the skull.
     D) irregular shape - paragraphs


Answer to question 2:

1) for pressure on one side exceeds pressure

2) 1. Activate blood circulation and maintain vitality
2. Avoiding manifestations of aging as it works to slow its creep
3. Spend free time.
      3) Tiredness and stress: Fatigue is one of the reasons that result in physical distractions. Tired muscles can not move as they should, and immobility leaves the muscles in a weakened state. Muscle weakness changes the shape of the bones, , Fatigue either mentally or physically disrupts the activity of neuromuscular muscle, and then lack muscle to tone muscle correct.

      4) 1. It rests on the upper part, head and trunk.
          2. Preserves the spinal cord
          3. Located in the center of the solution provides the body with a major axis that maintains the balance of the body.
    4. Coupling the thorax of the thoracic cavity.
5) Because the arch of the foot preserves the blood vessels and nerves and muscles in the foot of the body weight, protect against the shocks that arise from running, jumping and jumping.

Answer to question 3:
1- Health follow-up
2. Nutrition
3. Drugs
4. Exposure to radiation
5. Clothing
6 - the customs of Qawamiyah
7- Age of the mother
8- Sports
9. Psychological condition
10 - diseases of maternity
 Explanation of the book from page.

Answer to question 4:
1 - the discovery of distortions because he studied a lot about physical distortions and how to cure and prevent them.
2 - can observe the movement of each student in his stand and his meeting and walk during the lesson of sports education so he has opportunities to discover any error.
3 - Through sports clothes can detect distortions easily
4 - profession sports education beloved to the souls of students, the teacher can cure deformity or deviation of physical or moral manner.
5 - can detect students with mental referrals and can be assisted by a social worker to treat these cases, which are the causes of deformity.



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