Basketball Course Exam (4th Division)

Sample of the second semester exam for 2016-2017

The first question: (20 degrees)
If you are assigned to a school or club and asked you to teach and train a basketball team on the most offensive and defensive skills and explain an organized offensive plan to participate in the matches.
Through your study of basic skills (offensive and defensive) as well as offensive plans
- Explain an offensive plan to defense 1-2-2
Explanation of offensive plan by the players or the cutter and then the correction to the ring
How to start the game
The game begins with a jumping roller in the midfield circle between the two teams. Within the circle players and the referee raises the ball to the top and then the players hit the ball to the rest of the players outside the circle
- What is the time spent and when to ask in the game?
Is a time taken by the coach during the game and duration of one minute and the right to request five times off during the four periods
1. Requests near end of play time if the team is defeated
2 - when the island change in the offensive method
3. Try to fix a prominent error
4 - If the team has nerve or anger
5. If the coach feels that the team is not playing seriously
6. If the opposing team registers three consecutive corrections
7- Before a free throw to the negative effect of the opposing player
8. Requests to reorganize the team's performance

- Offensive guidance from the coach to the players.
1 - players move most of the time (pieces - deception - exchange places - booking - curtain)
2. Continuous movement and non-stop
3. Maintain the defense balance of the team
4. It is not necessary to keep pace with the other team at its speed
5. Spread throughout the stadium
6. Avoid dialogue in the face of defense
7. Stay away from midfield
8. Move constantly between the sides of the stadium to make the booking and the curtain
9 - not to rush in the correction
10 - The player must constantly determine the places of his colleagues
11. The ball must be kept for 24 seconds
12 - always keep away from the games review
13. The ball must be moved quickly
Question 2: Put the sign ()) or the sign (×) with the correction of the error and comment on the correct statement (10 degrees)

1 - between the first and second break for two blocks ×
2 - The basketball game consists of four periods ×
3 - There is one time off in the first and second time ×
4. One jump ball is played with the start of the match
5 - The coach may change any player from the league after notification of the registrar
6 - While playing free throw must stand outside the trio and behind the player free throw ×
7 - The forbidden area became rectangular and the width (4.90) m ×
8- The 3-second hall is the defender standing under the basket in the forbidden area
9. The 24-second rule is that the attacking team scrolls and points to the basket
10. The 8-second base is the exit of the attacking team from the rear-facing area

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