Zagazig, Faculty of Computer Science provides various training opportunities for its students during the summer period outside the college

    Practical training is an important component in the educational process for a distinguished graduate competing in the labor market, whether this training inside or outside the university in the work sites closely related to the specialization, which is pursued and maintained by Zagazig University under the chairmanship of Dr. Khaled Abd El-Bary. In order to provide training opportunities for its students to raise their technological skills during the summer, the College of Computer and Information reached a cooperation agreement with ITI of the Ministry of Communications to train students in the development of Mobile Application Development and another agreement with IBM to train students in the development of Web and Mobile Application Development. Dr. Abdul Nasser Hussein, Dean of the College,said that the two agreements provide training opportunities for half the number of students in the third division in addition to all students of the second division of the College. The university provided training opportunities outside the college in the Arab Organization for Industrialization and Sharkaion weavers for the second half of the third year students (151 students) according to the university agreement with them. In addition to training opportunities available in cooperation with Microsoft to train students on various technologies through the summer training for students of the second and third division. For his part, Dr. Khalid Al-Darandli, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, said that the College is currently completing the facilities of the college labs and preparing the work plans using the faculty members and their assistants to ensure effective training and effective utilization of the students.And Dr.Nisreen Saber added that the training will be during the month of August next. In order to provide all available facilities for training for students in the university city who apply for summer training, the college addressed university cities.

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