Dr. Abd El Hakeem attends the graduation ceremony of the batch 32 of the Department of Information of Zagazig University

    Dr. Abd El Hakeem Nour El dine, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, signed a protocol of cooperation between Zagazig University and Shahid Media Foundation in Kuwait, where 30 students From the first of the Department of Information ,Zagazig University will be hosted, with travel and accommodation expenses. He added that he is with his whole heart with the transformation of the Media Department into a Media College and a committee of specialized professors will be formed to discuss the subject.

    This came during the graduation ceremony of the batch 32 "A batch of martyr ِ Omnia Ghali" organized by the Department of Media under the auspices of Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bary, President of the University and in the presence of Dr. Abd El Hakeem Nour El dine, Vice President for Education and Students Affairs, Dr. Emad Mukhaimar, Dean of Faculty of Arts, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Musallami, Head of Media Department, Dr. Alaa Talaat, Supervisor of Press Projects, Dr. Sana Zordek, Supervisor of Radio Projects,And Dr. Wafa Salah, Supervisor of the projects of the Division of Public Relations and that in the university forums hall.

     Dr. Emad Mukhemer pointed to Dr. Abd El Hakeem provides the support and permanent support to the College and thanked all the professors of the department, stressing that turning the Media Department into a College represents a personal issue and he will do everything possible to achieve this dream.

    Dr. Ibrahim Al-Musallami expressed his pleasure to launch the name of student Omnia Ghali on Media Batch 32 and stressed that the supervisors of graduation projects have made an outstanding effort to bring these projects to light. 

    And I recommend the students with good word and abide by the standards of honor and preserve the values ​​of society and ethics and non-aligned to the gaps of racism to consolidate national unity

    During his speech, Dr. Mohammed Awad asked the attendees to stand up to a minute of mourning for the spirit of the martyr Omnia Ghali And welcomed to the Sponsor of this ceremony Dr. Abd El Hakeem Nour El dine, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs who is responsible for about 150 thousand students from solidarity and treatment camps and trips and mobile and all student activities at the university.

    He pointed out that the Department of Information is the fourth oldest department at the level of Egyptian universities where the study began in 1982 and was joined by 273 students,of whom hold information positions and the providers of talk show programs, and the incumbents of the functions of heads of information departments in Egyptian and Arab universities in addition to hundreds of Masters and PhD. Today we celebrate with Batch 32 and hope to speed up the process of transforming the Media Department into a Media College.


Supervisor of the Office                               Media advisor  

   Aida Said                                          Dr. Mohamed Awad



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