A research project between Zagazig university and French Belfort Montelier in the field of renewable hydrogen energy

     Within the framework of the plan of Zagazig University under the chairmanship of Dr. Khaled Abd El-Bary towards the international trend and open new horizons for working with international universities, and to put it on the international map through joint research projects in various fields, especially renewable energy and electric vehicles and means of transport modern needed by Egypt in the coming period to achieve sustainable development, which is located on the areas of The responsibility of universities and research centers to achieve. Among these projects are the project "Amhotep Egyptian French"

    And about the project Dr. Haitham Saad Ramadan, a teacher in Zagazig Engineering and the principal researcher of the project, explained that it is a research project that is being carried out over two years in the framework of activating the protocols of research and scientific cooperation between Zagazig University and Belfort-Montelier, France and the exchange of research experiences in the fields of renewable energy and electric vehicles and modern means of transport. The project also includes Segula Technologies, a giant company and located in more than 22 countries in the world.

   He added that the university's president and the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering are keen to move forward with such research companies, which will open the way for young researchers, faculty members and professors to link their research to the world by increasing their presence in joint research with foreign industrial entities, Primarily French.

   Dr. Haitham Saad Ramadan invited young researchers in the specialization to participate in this research project or similar projects to obtain a master's degree and dual doctorate with this prestigious French university, which has already signed protocols of cooperation with them. He hopes, as coordinator of these protocols and agreements, to reach sustainable research companies, establish the first Egyptian-French research center for hydrogen energy in Egypt on the land of Zagazig University, and manufacture a model for the first Egyptian fuel cell electric vehicle.

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     Aida Said                                              Dr. Mohamed Awad


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