Workshop for the progress of Newton Institutional Links projects

    The Development Projects Mangement Unit at Zagazig University is pleased to invite faculty members and their assistants to progress to Newton Institutional Links projects.

Newton Institutional Links

Which aims to build cooperation between the United Kingdom and the Arab Republic of Egypt, which focuses on joint research, innovation and challenges that are directly related to economic development and social welfare. The conference will be held at the Development Projects Management Unit at Zagazig University on Tuesday 16/5/2017 from 10:30 am till one o'clock pm and the gentlemen from faculty members  and their assistants wishing to participate , the speed of registration of their names on the following link:

 Where priority will be preceded by the reservation and It will be awarded a certificate to the attendees gentlemen to attend this day induction.

Note that the areas of progress in the following disciplines:
1. Sustainable food production
2. Sustainable water management
3. Affordable & inclusive healthcare cancer, chronic diseases
4. Renewable energy

   For technical support contact and visit the development projects management unit at the university

TEl : 0552372518
Mobile: 01022244741

Or email the unit at


                                                          Executive Director of the Development Projects Management Unit

                                                                                  Prof. Shereen Eassa Mohammed

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