starting of the conference of the tumours treatment and nuclear medicine at Faculty of Medicine of Zagazig University

      The activities of the Conference of the tumours treatment and Nuclear Medicine at Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University began entitled protocols treatment of tumors of the base application,  Dr. Khaled Abd El-Bary, head of Zagazig University said that this conference is one of the scientific  conferences for Zagazig University which seek through which discuss the latest techniques and methods of different treatment for patients with tumors after surge Crescent in ways of diagnosis of diseases and hope through such conferences that contribute to the development of medical services  that provided by the university for patients of sharkia province and neighboring provinces, and Dr. Atef Bahrawy added that the conference comes as part of a plan of the college and hospitals in providing care for distinct important sector of patients who are cancer patients and Dr. Wael El Sawy, President of the Conference confirmed that the most important characteristic of the conference is to try to shed light On methods of treatment commensurate with the economic situation of patients, without prejudice to the efficiency of treatment, especially after monitoring the spread of many tumors in the poorest areas and the activities of the conference continue  for a period of two days, including a team of experts on tumors in Zagazig and Egypt


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